BZFlag servers at tuxee.net

The server bzflag3.tuxee.net is currently running 2 bzflag servers.

The server is located near Paris (France).

Please report any problem to bzflag@tuxee.net.

The homepage of BZFlag is here.

3x3 board map for bzflag 2.0

Server: bzflag3.tuxee.net, Port: 45154 | Homepage | Query

Cods is managing this server.

Admins: Chainsaw, CmdrWoody, Cods, DoesMyBumLookBigInThis, FredZ, G Rap, Happy Tanker, LouMan, Punkus, Rio_Dj_Narrow, Smidge204, SportChick and Thumper.

Other BZFlag servers

Olympic servers

Server: bzflag.norang.ca, Port: 5154 | Statistics

Server: bzflag.norang.ca, Port: 5155 | Statistics




You can reach Frédéric Jolliton (aka Cods, Cods_Admin) at fj@tuxee.net.

You can reach Bernt Hansen (aka Thumper, Thumper_Admin) at bernt@norang.ca.

You can reach CmdrWoody at cmdrwoody [at] gmail [dot] com.

You can reach Jassen Bowman (aka Mars Explorer) at jassen@weblaunch.org.

You can reach Smidge204 at smidge204@juno.com.

You can reach Happy Tanker (aka Happy Admin) at htanker@gmail.com.

You can reach Frédéric Lopez (aka FredZ) at frederic.lopez@free.fr.

You can reach Mirek Czerwinski (aka Mr.Death) at kherin@go2.pl.

You can reach Ron Spivey (aka Rio_Dj_Narrow) at rio@netlinkave.com.

You can reach Punkus at somtin@gmail.com.

You can reach Quimby (aka Chainsaw) at bwquimby@adnmail.com.

You can reach DoesMyBumLookBigInThis? at http://bzbb.bzflag.org/ using a private message.

You can reach LouMan at http://bzbb.bzflag.org/ using a private message.

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